Hosted Brunch

Proletarian Literature and the Russian Revolution

Indigenous Revolutionaries and the Old Left

Anna Björk Einarsdóttir
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From Negation to Totality: The Russian Revolution and US Proletarian Literature

Barbara Foley
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Epic Forms and the “Crisis of the Novel” from Third Period to the Popular Front

Hunter Bivens
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Reading Group: Marx on Method

Neil Larsen Erin Paszko Julian Francis Park
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Roundtable on Marx and Aesthetics

Nicholas Brown Sarah Brouillette Tim Kreiner Colleen Lye


The Russian Revolution

The Continuing Revolution in the History of the Russian Revolution: The "Stalin Era" Rediscovered

Grover Furr
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Reading Group: Surplus and the "living contradiction"

Bret Benjamin Jacqueline Hayes Pooya Jamaly Hesary Jessica Manry Paul Stasi
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The Frankfurt School

The Problem of Revolution in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

Jane Hu
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Unredeemable Sociality in Katherine Anne Porter’s Ship of Fools: Or, The Social Symbolic of the Value-Form

Deborah Young
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The Actuality of Aesthetics: Two Revolutionary Theories of Form

Josh Robinson
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Revolution & Literature

The Artist as Class Traitor: Groupe Dziga Vertov and the Horizon of Cultural Revolution, 1972

Zachary Williams
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Literature and Revolution Revisited

Katy Prottengeier
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Commitment and Revolutionary Poetics, or, Poetry as Accumulation Strategy

David W. Pritchard
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Reading Group: "Merely Local": When and Where is the Pre in Pre-Capitalist Social Formations?

Jake Soule Joseph Ren Rob Jackson Brendan Higgins Oliver Baker
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Historical Materialism

Every Separation Is the Separation of a Unity

Howard Engelskirchen
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Rethinking Rights, Rethinking Nature: The Confluence of Currency and the Human Rights Contradiction

Trevor Jackson
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Knowledge, Symbol, Fiction: Against Neoliberalism's Depressed Aesthetic

Thomas Williams
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Reading Group: The "1857" Introduction and Its (Theory of) Unevenness

Tavid Mulder Jaafar Aksikas
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Poetry, Riots, Primitive Accumulation

The Seventeenth Century Country House Poem and Legal-Scientific Constructions of Property and Possession in Early Modern England

Ashley Sarpong
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The International Horizon of the Poetics of Duration

Andy Robinson
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Semicentennial: the 1967 Riots in the Underground Press

Sean Lovitt
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Contemporary Media

Subject as System and System as Subject: A Developing Mode of Thought in Contemporary Capitalism

Katie Leveling
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Marxist film criticism in the age of Trump: Critiquing representations of the new capitalist hegemony: Trump’s anti-immigrant policies as the solution to the job crisis of the American working class

Patricia Keeton
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Stoffwechsel and Heiner Müller’s Landscapes of Circulation

Kay Gabriel
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John Smith’s Imperialism in the 21st Century: A Roundtable Discussion on Class Struggle in the Age Crisis Capitalism

Joseph Ramsey John Maerhofer Kanishka Chowdhury Bill Sacks Gregory Meyerson


SF/Speculative Lit

Planetary Revolutions: Revolutionary Legacies in Contemporary English-language Speculative Fiction

Mark Soderstrom
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Science Fiction and the Contemporary Asian-American Künstlerroman

Mitch R. Murray
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Cognition and Fantasy: China Mieville’s Subversion of Fantastic Literature

Robert Wood
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Reading Group: The Grundrisse + Productive, Unproductive, and Reproductive Labor

Alden Sajor Wood Jette Gindner Devan Bailey Thomas Cosgrove
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Marxist Feminism

The Qualitative/Quantitative of Left and Liberal Feminist Praxes

Ashley Manning
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Marxist Feminism and “Revolution Now”

Kelly Gawel
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On why and how we can build an anti-capitalist feminist movement in the Trump era

Ariane Fischer
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Race & Class

Race After Representation

Chris Chen Sarika Chandra
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Race, Class, and Revolution in the 21st century: Lessons from the League of Revolutionary Black Workers

Jerome Scott Walda Katz-Fishman
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Marxism Without Antihumanism

Chris Nealon


Profit & Capitalist Development

Artificial Intelligence and the Reconfiguration Thesis

James Steinhoff
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Recovering the bibliographic basis for the crisis theory of the tendential fall in the rate of profit

Hongseok Ryu
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Landowners: The Third Class or a Subset of Financial Capital?

FTC Manning
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Reading Group: Disposable time and Fragment on the Machines

Michael Mahoney Mackenzie Weeks
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The Contemporary Novel

The End of the Old Regime? Financialization and Oligarchic Return in Contemporary Latin American Fiction

Ericka Beckman
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On the Resurgence of Naturalist Aesthetics in America

Magnus Thor Snaebjornsson
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Fetish and Utopy in Macunaima

Priscila Figueiredo
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Business Meeting

Kevin Floyd, MLG President


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